Summer Sales Trends for Quick Serve Restaurants

Learn about the top sales trends for quick serve restaurants this summer, and learn how to use 5-Out to make the most of your profits.

Predictive Analysis
Learn about the top sales trends for quick serve restaurants this summer, and learn how to use 5-Out to make the most of your profits.
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In the bustling world of the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, names like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and KFC have become household staples. These giants have revolutionized dining by offering a limited menu that guarantees fast service without compromising on flavor. While they may lack the traditional table service found in more upscale dining establishments, their efficiency and consistent taste profiles have cemented their place in the hearts of many. Whether you're grabbing a spicy taco or indulging in a cheesy slice, these QSRs have mastered the art of serving up quick, delectable meals to satiate our ever-evolving urban appetites.

Summer is when quick serve restaurants (QSRs) see a significant uptick in sales. Families are out and about, looking for ways to enjoy the warm weather and grab a bite. So, it's important for QSR managers to prepare for a summer rush!

That's where 5-Out restaurant automated sales forecasting software comes in. 5-Out software can help you predict restaurant sales and how busy your restaurant will be on any given day to maximize profits during the year's most active season!

If you're not using 5-Out to predict sales and manage your restaurant's inventory, you could miss out on a lot of potential profit. So don't wait - request a demo of 5-Out today and see how it can help you make the most of the summer season!

The rise of quick serve restaurants and their impact on the food industry

The fast food industry has seen significant growth in recent years. There are over 200,000 quick serve restaurants (QSRs) in the United States alone, generating a combined revenue of $304.8 billion annually.

While QSRs have been around for decades, they've seen a significant surge in popularity. The growth of QSRs can be attributed to several factors, including the rise of digital ordering platforms, an increase in the number of working adults, and a change in consumer preferences. This has coincided with the rise of fast-casual restaurants, which offer higher quality food items than traditional fast food restaurant chains but are still quicker and more affordable than full-service restaurants.

The quick-serve industry has also benefited from the increasing popularity of delivery and takeout. According to a study by the NPD Group, 43% of all quick serve meals are now eaten off-premises, thanks to the growing use of food delivery apps like UberEats and Door Dash.

How to make the most of summer sales trends for QSRs.

As the quick serve industry grows, QSR owners and managers must stay up-to-date on the latest trends. It will help them better serve their customers and maximize profits.

1. Offer discounts and promotions: 

Customers are always looking for a deal, so offer discounts and promotions whenever you can. It will help bring in new customers and keep existing ones coming back.

2. Focus on healthy options: 

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly looking for healthier dining options as a result. QSRs that offer salads, fruits, and other healthy items will be more appealing to these customers.

3. Embrace technology: 

Technology is changing the quick-serve landscape. QSRs that embrace online ordering, mobile apps, and delivery/takeout will be better positioned to succeed.

These are just a few quick-serve restaurants' latest summer sales trends. By keeping these trends in mind, you can ensure your QSR is ahead of the competition and ready to maximize restaurant profits this summer!

How can technology help you streamline your operations and improve efficiency?

You're behind the times if you're not using technology to streamline your QSR's operations. Technology can help you automate tasks, improve communication, and boost efficiency.

Here are a few ways technology can help you streamline your QSR's operations:

1. Online ordering: 

Customers can order and pay for their food online before they even step foot in your restaurant. It can help you avoid long lines and reduce wait times.

2. Mobile apps: 

With a mobile app, customers can place orders, view menu items, and even pay for their food before they arrive at your restaurant. That can help you get orders out faster and reduce customer wait times. 

3. Delivery/takeout: 

QSRs that offer delivery and takeout options can reach a broader customer base. Customers can order their food from the comfort of their homes and deliver it to them. It can help you boost sales and reach a larger audience.

4. Sales forecasting:

One of the most valuable ways technology can help your QSR is by improving automated sales forecasting. That is essential for ensuring you have enough staff on hand to meet customer demand. It can also help you avoid over-order leading to wasted food and lost profits.

Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone; 5-out is an approachable, powerful platform to help your restaurant predict sales. They have the experience and know-how to help you take your QSR to the next level.

Let's learn about 5-Out and how it can help you...

What is 5-Out?

5-Out is a software that offers a sales prediction service for restaurants of all shapes and sizes, including QSRs. The software uses machine learning to study past customer behavior and predict future sales patterns. This information is then used to optimize labor and purchasing for the restaurant.

5-Out aims to help maximize restaurant profit by correctly predicting what will sell and when. That allows them to better schedule their labor and stay within their purchasing and labor budgets.

How does it work?

5-Out takes data from different sources (such as POS, labor scheduling, reservations, events, social media, and order) and external sources (weather, traffic). It uses machine learning to predict how much money the business will make shortly. The software also gives guidance on labor scheduling and budgeting for purchasing items. It takes only 5 minutes to complete the whole process.

What are the features of 5-Out?

5-Out's primary features are predicting sales, optimizing labor, and providing guidance on purchasing budgets. Together, they offer tools to help restaurants lower costs and maximize profitability.

1. Predictive Intelligence

Get an edge in the market without relying on guesswork with predictive intelligence that can predict your revenue and sales up to 21 days ahead. With high accuracy rates, this next generation of machine learning has already achieved 98% confidence levels for when you will make money from quick serve restaurants!

2. Real-Time Recommendations

5-Out's algorithm predicted that real-time recommendations would increase your profitability. So now, based on our predictions and what you already know about the company, 5-Out will provide real-time staffing & purchasing actions to take so they can be apart of increasing profit margins!

3. Lookback Reports

With lookback reports, you can view your weekly and daily performance over time. This includes how your business is doing overall and how accurate our predictions were. It gives decision-makers more confidence in their decisions because they have access to all relevant data needed for informed acting out today!

4. Easy Setup & Integration

5-Out's easy setup & integration makes getting your company caught up with the latest software painless. You can integrate data from all of our solutions in 5 minutes or less so that you don't have trouble using them together! The new route will help QSRs' managers and marketing & sales departments streamline processes and enhance data quality.

What are the benefits of investing 5-Out?

Operating a restaurant is a tricky business. There are so many moving parts and things that can go wrong. That's why it's essential to have software like 5-Out that can help you predict restaurant sales and optimize your labor. With the right tools, you can be successful in the restaurant business!

1. Real-time Insights

5-Out monitors and displays your data in real-time, allowing you to ensure you're within budget and hitting sales targets throughout the day.

2. Optimized restaurant labor

The 5-Out labor optimization system is the perfect way to ensure that you're always staying within your labor budget. The system generates an optimized schedule for 1-2 weeks in advance, giving businesses access to real-time data about how much they should be spending on employees every day!

3. Intelligent purchasing

5-Out will predict how much you're going to sell and when, allowing you to purchase with confidence and reduce food waste.

5-Out works with restaurants of all sizes and service. Request a demo to see if this software is a good fit for your business! A representative will be in touch shortly to set up a time that works for you.

Handle the Summer Rush

The summer season is a busy time for restaurants. If you want to be prepared and make the most of it, consider using software like 5-out to help you predict sales and optimize your labor.

The benefits of using this software are many, but some of the most notable are:

  • Predict restaurant sales
  • Maximize restaurant profit
  • Automated sales forecasting
  • Streamlined operations
  • Improved efficiency
If you're looking for a way to streamline your QSR's operations and improve efficiency, look no further. Contact 5-out today to learn more about how we can help you take your QSR to the next level!

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