Meet Mike Diminick: 5-Out's Newest Senior Account Executive

Welcome Mike Diminick, our new Senior Account Executive at 5-Out. Leveraging his expertise in restaurant analytics and F&B, discover how we boost restaurant profitability.

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Welcome Mike Diminick, our new Senior Account Executive at 5-Out. Leveraging his expertise in restaurant analytics and F&B, discover how we boost restaurant profitability.

We're thrilled to introduce Mike Diminick to the 5-Out family. With over 7 years selling restaurant analytics/solutions, notably with our partners at MarginEdge, and an additional 4 years of hands-on F&B operations experience, Mike is primed to elevate our offerings. His vast expertise will be instrumental in driving forward our mission to empower restaurateurs.

Dive in to know more about Mike!

Q&A with Mike Diminick

1. Tell us a bit about your background:

After studying Hotel and Restaurant Management at The University of Delaware (Beaks Up, Peck Em Hens!) I found myself either selling hospitality software, specifically for early stage companies, or running restaurants as a boots on the ground owner/operator. All of these experiences apply directly to how I plan to help 5Out move towards its goals as a company. 

2. How did you join 5-Out?

Branden, the CEO of 5Out also happens to own restaurants. I met Branden, the restaurant owner, years ago as I attempted to pitch him a separate software solution for his restaurant. While Branden and I stayed connected, eventually he implemented this software at his restaurants. As time went on, my career goals and aspirations aligned with that of 5Out’s growth plans. 

3. What interested you about the restaurant industry?

Originally I was drawn to the restaurant industry as someone who aspired to be in operations because I feel restaurants are a great canvas for one to display their own creativity. It's a place where people get into it because they are passionate about smoking bbq, or crafting perfect pizza dough, or delivering superb hospitality. Passion often comes first and I love that about the industry.

Once I fell deeper into the restaurant-sphere, it perplexed me how far behind the industry was in terms of technology adoption. Pen, paper, manual spreadsheets, etc. I noticed some of the most popular restaurants around were running their business like a mom n' pop operation. We all love mom n' pop shops, but with the technology that exists in the present day I feel I can have a greater impact on the industry by helping these owner/operators adopt technology. The thought is this will allow them to spend more time crafting that bbq rub or perfecting that pizza dough recipe, all while running more like a scalable business.

4. What will you focus on in your full-time role with 5-Out?

Talk to and help as many restaurateurs as possible spend more time doing what they got into the business to do, and frankly what they’re good at: developing menu items, crafting amazing cocktails, providing career opportunities for all demographics of people, etc. We’ll do this by helping them automate processes which the standard is old data, manual spreadsheets, and a calculator. Not only automate these processes, but prescribe restaurateurs actionable steps they can take to improve their bottom line. 

5. What do you like to do outside of work?

If I’m not talking to restaurant operators, hopefully I’m golfing (realistically not well). After running restaurants for a few years I’ve learned not to take for granted an activity where you can unplug for 4 hours…

My wife and I commonly plan our getaways around scuba diving. I love to surf in summer, ski in winter, and in between being outside I’m a diehard Miami Dolphins fan #FinsUp

6. What's your favorite restaurant?

Just one? Don’t think I can do that… 


Troeg’s Independent Brewing back where I grew up in central PA never misses. They’re known for their beer but their crafty nature is contagious in their kitchen and the atmosphere is always a 10…

But I love Italian + I love seafood. Spiaghetta’s down the shore in Stone Harbor, NJ is special.

Honorable mention:

  • Soggy Dollar Bar
  • The Lucky Well
  • Mike’s Seafood

Stay tuned for more updates from our dynamic team as we continue to build and grow at 5-Out. We are excited to continue delivering the best sales forecasting and profit maximizing solutions for our restaurant partners.

Are you ready to learn how Mike can get you time back to focus on the things you care about, and how we can help drive your restaurant’s profitability through prescribed actions? Book a demo today

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