Introducing Item-Level Sales Forecasts!

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5-Out just got even more powerful. 🤯 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of item-level sales forecasts

Our platform will now predict the number of specific menu items that will sell in a given period. You can see the item name, menu category, and the forecasted quantity we expect you to sell, up to 31 days into the future. 

This item-level detail gives you the power to plan like never before.

Purchase with Confidence

With item-level forecasts, you can make purchases based on what you’ll actually sell, resulting in less food being thrown out. By minimizing food waste you can save on food costs and reduce environmental impact.

Intelligent Scheduling

By predicting what you’ll sell and when, you can better plan for the staff you’ll need to meet demand and stay within your labor budget. 

Item-level forecasts will tell you how Mango Tango smoothies you’re going to sell on a Tuesday or how many Ham and Swiss croissants you’re going to sell on Thursday - and so much more!

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