Announcing 5-Out’s New Employee Mobile App!

Now available in the App Store and Google Play Store

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Now available in the App Store and Google Play Store
Mike Marian

5-Out’s scheduling tool empowers operators to create schedules based on projected demand - setting teams up for success and ensuring that labor costs stay within budget.

Our newly released employee mobile app brings the power of our scheduler to the front lines. The app allows employees to view, manage, and trade shifts on the go. Chat and announcement features streamline communication while ensuring that the entire team is on the same page. 

Read on to learn more about the functionality of the employee mobile app: 

The 5-Out app can help you manage your restaurant schedule.

5-Out Employee Mobile App Features

1. View & Manage Schedules

Employees can view their own and other team members' schedules, providing visibility and allowing them to plan for the day and week ahead.

2. Communicate with the Team

The chat functionality allows employees to seamlessly communicate one-on-one. Managers can  make company-wide announcements to share updates widely with the team. 

3. Manage Availability

Employees can submit and track time off requests directly in the app, allowing teams to manage all scheduling in one place.

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