5-Out & Tripleseat: Better Forecasts for Restaurants with Events

Elevate your restaurant's forecasts with 5-Out & Tripleseat integration. Experience precise predictions, optimized COGS and labor budgets, and boosted profits.

Elevate your restaurant's forecasts with 5-Out & Tripleseat integration. Experience precise predictions, optimized COGS and labor budgets, and boosted profits.

At 5-Out, we think of ourselves as the keystone of your restaurant’s tech stack. We bring data together that otherwise would be spread across the many disparate tech tools operators use to run their restaurants. In this way, we not only generate best-in-class sales forecasts that take as much information as possible into consideration, but we also create a full picture of your business’s financial health. 

Our strong partnerships with restaurant tech providers make this possible, and today we’re thrilled to announce our newest partnership, combining the predictive power of 5-Out with the robust event management capabilities of Tripleseat. This integration creates a synergy that will help close the gap in what AI sales forecasting can do. With this powerful collaboration, 5-Out gains visibility into upcoming special events. As we train our ML models on this data, it will unlock significantly more accurate sales forecasting. Improved accuracy for both 5-Out and Tripleseat customers means better COGS and labor budgets, and more optimized profit. Through our partnership with Tripleseat, we expand our integration capabilities, bringing us closer to fully unifying restaurant tech stacks.

What is 5-Out?

5-Out makes restaurants more profitable. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, we provide our users with a suite of unparalleled features:

  • AI-driven Sales Forecasting: Forecast your restaurant sales with accuracy for up to 35 days, giving you unprecedented visibility into what you'll sell and when you'll sell it.
  • Automated Budgeting for Labor and COGS: By combining our precise sales forecasts with your business's labor and COGS targets, we provide clear, automated budget recommendations for both, ensuring optimal planning for the present and future weeks.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Experience the advantage of tracking labor in real-time against anticipated demand, providing valuable insights and dynamic budget adjustments.
  • Profit Optimization Through Tech Integration: At the core of 5-Out is a commitment that transcends old-school forecasting, boosting profitability through data insights. With 5-Out, businesses can make informed decisions, unlocking net profit.

What is Tripleseat?

Tripleseat is a restaurant sales and event management platform, designed to boost bookings and simplify event planning:

  • Centralized bookings calendar: Manage your events with ease through a unified booking calendar.
  • Branded documents: Deliver professional proposals with your distinct branding.
  • Guest portal: Simplify the event approval process with e-signatures and hassle-free payments.
  • Automated tasks: Ensure your team and guests stay in sync with automated task reminders.
  • Swift response mechanism: Never miss a beat with quick response systems for leads and inquiries.
  • Detailed reporting: Gain insights into your sales and event performance.

5-Out & Tripleseat: Improving Sales Forecasting by Incorporating Events

The integration of 5-Out and Tripleseat presents a unique synergy. With this integration, 5-Out can seamlessly incorporate event details from Tripleseat to bring all of your key business data together in one place. As we train our ML models on this event data, both 5-Out and Tripleseat users will further benefit from superior COGS and labor budgeting, translating into maximized profits.

This partnership is a major advancement in our mission to create a comprehensive solution for restaurant management. By combining 5-Out's predictive analytics with Tripleseat's event expertise, we're giving restaurant owners and managers a robust platform to achieve exceptional operational efficiency.

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