5-Out & MarketMan: Revolutionize Restaurant Management

5-Out partners with MarketMan to help restaurant owners to gain success!

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5-Out partners with MarketMan to help restaurant owners to gain success!

We're excited to share the news of our new collaboration with MarketMan, a top supplier of cloud-based restaurant management software. Together, we're bringing a cutting-edge analytics system that provide restaurant owners with an industry-first analytics solution and will transform how they run their operations.

We at 5-Out are enthusiastic about assisting dining establishments in maximizing their revenue and streamlining their operations by forecasting upcoming sales. We're able to give our clients even better options thanks to MarketMan's cutting-edge software.

5-Out sales forecasting teams up with MarketMan inventory management to revolutionize restaurant management.

What is MarketMan?

Over 10,000 restaurants use MarketMan, a top-of-the-line cloud-based inventory management solution. MarketMan enables eateries worldwide to handle more quickly.

With MarketMan, restaurant owners can:

  1. 5% food expense reduction
  2. To view inventory amounts in real-time, connect their POS.
  3. Track fluctuating ingredient prices
  4. View the revenue of their menu items
  5. Purchase from/receive from their suppliers

What is 5-Out?

5-Out is on a mission to increase every restaurant's profitability by automating wiser, better choices using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analysis.

With 5-Out, restaurant owners can:

  1. Schedule labor work up to two weeks in preparation.
  2. Spend less on wages each year by up to $14,000.
  3. View current data to spot opportunities for improvement
"We are collectively able to give our crossed over clients real-time actionable data to drive efficiency and profitability, in addition to decreasing food waste + repurposing labor resources."-Branden McRill, Founder & CEO - 5-Out

Teams Up to Better Help Restaurants

With the help of scheduling modules and accounting integrations, you can manage your entire back-office operation in one location with the help of our joint solution, which includes features like a complete aerial view of the business, actual vs. budgeted spend for COGS and labor, dialed-in ordering needs, and the ability to manage your entire back-office operations in one place. Our solution has already been implemented by well-known companies like Beyond Juice and Detroit Wings Co., and we're optimistic that more restaurants will soon do the same with the advanced insights such as:

  1. A complete bird’s eye view of the business without needing to physically be at each location
  2. Actual vs Budgeted Spend for COGS & Labor, every hour of every day
  3. Dialed in ordering needs, down to the ingredient level, 3 weeks in advance
  4. Manage your entire back-office operations in one place, with available scheduling modules and accounting integrations

The technology of MarketMan and the domain knowledge of 5-Out in hospitality industry make this partnership an ideal fit. We are thrilled to introduce this joint solution to the food & beverage industry because of our shared dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.

In addition to helping our clients, we think that this partnership will spur development and innovation within the sector. In order to provide the market with even better solutions, we are enthusiastic about the possibilities that lie ahead and are looking forward to collaborating closely with MarketMan.

We appreciate your support and can't wait to show you what we have in mind for you.

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5-Out is on a mission to maximize the profitability of every restaurant, using machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to automate smarter, better decisions.