5-Out Product Updates: August 2022

Improved forecasts, sales per labor hour, and more!

Predictive Analysis
Improved forecasts, sales per labor hour, and more!
May 31, 2023

We here at 5-Out have been listening to your feedback and have recently added a host of new features to improve your experience.

Improved Forecasts! (Launching Monday August 15th)

We’ll now be displaying forecast ranges (confidence intervals) for all projections.   You will notice that your forecasting charts  will now have a “Forecast Range”, which represents the most likely range of your future outcomes.

Forecast Longer into the Future

Our 21 day forecasting is increasing to 31 days! This means you can plan deeper into the month when making labor and purchasing decisions.

Export Purchasing Budget Summary to a CSV file

Do more with your 5-Out data! You’re now able to export your 5-Out purchasing data into another system or into a custom Excel spreadsheet to make calculations. 

View Different Revenue Centers

Want to see historical revenue for your revenue centers in 5-Out? You can now go to the History screen to  view this data to track any trends and make comparisons.

Allow for Daily or Weekly Hourly Labor Budgets 

Do your labor goals on Mondays outpace your goals on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? You now have the ability to set an hourly labor budget that applies to individual days of the week or to the whole week.

Track Sales Per Labor Hour (SPLH) 

If you and your team are tracking SPLH, you can now enter a goal in your settings to track in real-time from the Live Screen. We also have SPLH charts both on the Staffing and History screens for you to track over a day, week, or month!

Set a Custom Start to Your Purchase Week 

Don’t start your purchase week on a Monday? Not a problem. Now you can go into your settings and set the day your purchase week starts to better track purchases!

Toggle between GROSS and NET When Viewing Sales Data

As a reminder, 5-Out uses GROSS sales - before discounts - to forecast sales and project your optimal labor and COGS budgets. This allows us to consider the full scope of production and sales for corresponding labor and staffing, but may result in different sales numbers than your systems that report on NET sales (POS, scheduling, etc.). 

Prefer to see your sales data using NET instead of GROSS? We’ve added the ability to display one or the other for added flexibility.  

Add Users Yourself 

If you navigate to the User Management page you can now invite users, deactivate users and change their permissions without having to email our support team!

Interested in learning more about these product updates? Schedule a training with our team!

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