5-Out's Enterprise Dashboard Gives Operators Visibility Across Multiple Locations

Product Updates
March 20, 2023

5-Out accurately predicts sales and empowers operators to hit labor cost and COGS goals.

With the release of our new Enterprise Dashboard, multi-unit operators can get unparalleled visibility into their sales forecasts, labor costs, and COGS targets across locations. Owners, operators, regional & district managers, as well as in-store team members can easily see which locations are hitting their labor cost + COGS targets and which locations may be falling behind.

By looking at future dates, operators can see key information, including:

  • Gross sales forecasts
  • Target versus scheduled labor percentage and labor budgets
  • Target versus actual sales per labor hour

Additionally, the dashboard provides key historical data, including all of the stats mentioned above, plus:

  • Actual gross and net sales
  • Target versus actual COGS percentage
  • COGS budget versus actual COGS

If you’re interested in getting more visibility and saving on labor costs, request a demo of 5-Out to learn more!

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